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Avionics Engineering

Aerospace Industry

aerospace industry, Bulletproof Builders

Aerospace corporations often struggle to find reliable, cost-effective solutions for their warehousing needs. At Bulletproof Builders, Inc., we understand the unique needs for aviation corporations and provide comprehensive services and solutions for those needs. We provide a wide range of services tailored specifically for the aerospace industry. Whether you are renovating, buying or selling we have the solution for you. We provide services such as, updating office spaces, bathroom remodels, equipment moves, mezzanines and storage areas expansions.

Business owners, managers, and developers use general contractors to build or remodel their commercial structure. Before you begin with any industrial construction project, take the time to perform the necessary steps to have a successful build.

With many satisfied customers spread across the Santa Clarita Valley, Los Angeles basin and beyond, we're the perfect choice for your warehousing needs. If you are in the market to start your next project in California, contact Bulletproof Builders to handle your construction and remodel needs. We are a licensed and insured general construction contractor that only use the best materials, handled by a crew with the most experience.

With our specialized knowledge and years in the commercial construction sector geared towards the aerospace industry, we are here to work on saving time, money and optimizing your workflow. Our crew is aware of all aspects of the aerospace industry as we provide a one-stop solutions, Bulletproof Builders has a team of experienced professionals who can handle all of your warehouse building maintenance/improvement needs from start to finish. Dedicated to providing the highest quality in services, quickly and safely.

Specific Needs

Some of the required specificities within this industry are; customized clean rooms, safety glass, lighting, noise suppression, paint booths, exhaust systems, safety railing, chemical storage, chemical dispensing, hazardous waste, recycle materials, work station efficiency to include COVID compliance, HEPA HVAC Systems, boilers, water towers, chilled water systems, fire safety equipment and monitoring, explosive proof rooms, high voltage equipment and power stations, hydraulic systems, and polished concrete floors with FOD free finishes in order to meet detailed needs.

Security and Safety Management 

A significant consideration within any industry but specifically the aerospace industry is compliance with security and safety stipulations.  Constructing a project requires several laborers.  Special safety regulations and compliance are unique to each site. Aerospace companies with classified projects follow the NISPOM 5220.22-M. Bulletproof Builders is aware of additional safety protocols to protect classified information/material and meet the requirements of NISPOM 5220.22-M.  Environmental Health and Safety programs are required training for construction companies to meet compliance. As a General Contractor we are aware of and follow all company policies and procedures and have received the necessary training.

Planning and Execution

Equally important is for contractors to remain in constant communication with clients through the whole process, ensuring a project is done to the client's exact demands.  Contractors should realize the entire project scope and precisely understand any project to see it through completion.  As a contractor working in the aerospace industry, we plan for potential issues that may arise beginning from the planning phase through the completion phase. For example, issues from avoiding leaks or spills, maintenance of equipment, to avoiding over-pressurization within facilities.

There are many materials and components at an aerospace site. It is necessary to consider where and how these will be stored.  Equipment and components used for aerospace must withstand harsh conditions. This means having testing facilities that can handle complex systems. Aerospace facilities that manufacture components have to take into consideration many specifics. Specifics such as where to house the varying complex systems and dangerous materials.


Aerospace industry Services

Bulletproof Builders, Inc. has the experience in your specific field, including, planning, developing, and constructing aerospace warehouses. As industry changes occur, we change too. Using one contractor for engineering, designing, architectural and commercial construction centralizes services to one vendor. We are here to keep your aircraft warehouse / distribution corporation on track while streamlining your maintenance team. Put your trust in a company that knows the industry inside and out and leave the hassle to us. We are here to get the job done and done to satisfaction. With us as your single point of contact, you can rest assured that your company is in good hands. Let us handle your aerospace needs today! 


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